Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stupid quotes - Part 2 (10 more status messages) ;) ;)

Just the continuation of my previous post. Mostly the ones that missed out in the previous post and a few new ones :)

1) If the complexity of a program is determined by its LOC (Lines of Code), the complexity of most relationships are also determined by its LOC (Lines of chat) ;)

2) How many of us have friends who have busy status on gtalk but share videos on facebook??? ;)

3) When you are 100% happy ( more importantly 0.0% jealous!! ) for your friend's success, you know you are a really good friend!!

4) Joblessness of a person is measured as the number of times he hits the refresh button in one hour to find new stories in facebook ;) :P

5) It is always better to be a fan of people's works than people themselves - Otherwise u end up supporting movies like Asal, Sura or Dada's IPL comeback ;)

6) The only difference between man and a smart phone is feelings - But not everyone is lucky to have experienced each one of them!!

7) Sometimes, you know you are fighting a losing battle but still continue, because you enjoy the battle in itself!!

8) When you open your friend's msg before your crush's msg, you have finally got your priorities right ;)

9) Part II of anything should have been the part I because it suffers comparison from the first and mostly looks average (Like this one of course ;))

10) In many software companies, the number of months on bench of a fresher is measured with his / her expertise in table tennis ( My story ;) )

Thanks for reading ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stupid quotes (10 status messages) ;)

When you are stuck in your native place with no internet, no power, no signal for your mobile you have enough time to think about lot of things in life, love, friendship, Facebook , etc - It gave rise to a few funny lines, some stupid, some extremely stupid, some true facts - And whenever I do an *I think* I tend to update my blog and this post is a compilation of all such thoughts.

1) Heart is emotional, your brain is analytical. But when both of them ask us to do the same thing, there are usually no regrets :)

2) How often do we start liking someone for some reason but end up liking everything about them for no reason???

3) You are fine as long as you are seeing a girl on Facebook. You are in trouble only when you are browsing about your competitors in her friends list ;)

4) Our life in virtual world is so much obsessed with the *like* button and here are some interesting observations:
  • every status / photo on fb comes with an expectation of atleast 20 likes (including this one) ;)
  • our brain is trained to automatically like something on fb which already has more than 50 likes
  • when we "like" a pic on fb, more often than not, you actually "like" the person than the pic
  • statuses with minimum guarantee likes : "csk rockssss", "dadaaaa", thalaaaa" ;)
  • sometimes, when you "like" something you are just returning a favour ;)
5) 10, 100, 1000 are all round numbers. We usually insert dummies like this one to achieve it ;)

6) You differentiate between "sight" and love when you are not able to "sight" anyone else :(

7) Love failure from a C programmer's point of view ():

    One sided love: compilation error
    Parents opposal: link error
    Can't find the reason: segmentation fault

8) Friends try to get love closer but invariably fail. But love invariably gets friends a lot closer in the above process. :)

9) Sometimes, it is better to commit a mistake and feel instantly than wondering if it would have been a mistake 10 years later (Ripped (I prefer calling inspired) from a HIMYM episode)

10) When we go after something with zero expectation and a nothing to lose attitude, we more often than not end up producing our best work.

Some people might wonder "Ivanukku enna aachu, nallaa daana irundhaan??" - Am still normal ;) Romba vetty a irundha ipdi laam yosikka thonum :)

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