Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stupid quotes - Part 2 (10 more status messages) ;) ;)

Just the continuation of my previous post. Mostly the ones that missed out in the previous post and a few new ones :)

1) If the complexity of a program is determined by its LOC (Lines of Code), the complexity of most relationships are also determined by its LOC (Lines of chat) ;)

2) How many of us have friends who have busy status on gtalk but share videos on facebook??? ;)

3) When you are 100% happy ( more importantly 0.0% jealous!! ) for your friend's success, you know you are a really good friend!!

4) Joblessness of a person is measured as the number of times he hits the refresh button in one hour to find new stories in facebook ;) :P

5) It is always better to be a fan of people's works than people themselves - Otherwise u end up supporting movies like Asal, Sura or Dada's IPL comeback ;)

6) The only difference between man and a smart phone is feelings - But not everyone is lucky to have experienced each one of them!!

7) Sometimes, you know you are fighting a losing battle but still continue, because you enjoy the battle in itself!!

8) When you open your friend's msg before your crush's msg, you have finally got your priorities right ;)

9) Part II of anything should have been the part I because it suffers comparison from the first and mostly looks average (Like this one of course ;))

10) In many software companies, the number of months on bench of a fresher is measured with his / her expertise in table tennis ( My story ;) )

Thanks for reading ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stupid quotes (10 status messages) ;)

When you are stuck in your native place with no internet, no power, no signal for your mobile you have enough time to think about lot of things in life, love, friendship, Facebook , etc - It gave rise to a few funny lines, some stupid, some extremely stupid, some true facts - And whenever I do an *I think* I tend to update my blog and this post is a compilation of all such thoughts.

1) Heart is emotional, your brain is analytical. But when both of them ask us to do the same thing, there are usually no regrets :)

2) How often do we start liking someone for some reason but end up liking everything about them for no reason???

3) You are fine as long as you are seeing a girl on Facebook. You are in trouble only when you are browsing about your competitors in her friends list ;)

4) Our life in virtual world is so much obsessed with the *like* button and here are some interesting observations:
  • every status / photo on fb comes with an expectation of atleast 20 likes (including this one) ;)
  • our brain is trained to automatically like something on fb which already has more than 50 likes
  • when we "like" a pic on fb, more often than not, you actually "like" the person than the pic
  • statuses with minimum guarantee likes : "csk rockssss", "dadaaaa", thalaaaa" ;)
  • sometimes, when you "like" something you are just returning a favour ;)
5) 10, 100, 1000 are all round numbers. We usually insert dummies like this one to achieve it ;)

6) You differentiate between "sight" and love when you are not able to "sight" anyone else :(

7) Love failure from a C programmer's point of view ():

    One sided love: compilation error
    Parents opposal: link error
    Can't find the reason: segmentation fault

8) Friends try to get love closer but invariably fail. But love invariably gets friends a lot closer in the above process. :)

9) Sometimes, it is better to commit a mistake and feel instantly than wondering if it would have been a mistake 10 years later (Ripped (I prefer calling inspired) from a HIMYM episode)

10) When we go after something with zero expectation and a nothing to lose attitude, we more often than not end up producing our best work.

Some people might wonder "Ivanukku enna aachu, nallaa daana irundhaan??" - Am still normal ;) Romba vetty a irundha ipdi laam yosikka thonum :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Must have android apps


With Android market picking up big time in the Indian market and apps flooding the android market I felt it won't be a bad idea if I share the apps that I have enjoyed and those that made life a lott easier. I might be missing some really popular apps but this is just my list. All the below recommended apps run great on HTC wildfire (That is probably the reason some of the other apps might be missed here)

Talking Tom - >
Definitely hard to find an android phone that runs without this app. An app that repeats whatever you say in a cat's tone. Simple idea that works brilliantly with superb graphics. Definitely my top app for sure.

Note: Other versions like talking santa or robot fails to match with this one

Whatsapp - >
Excellent app. Allows you to chat, send audio, image files through internet. Activate your GPRS / Wifi this one is one of the most widely used app.

Another App that almost all android phones run. Simple task manager implemented brilliantly.
The best part is the one touch app killing using the widget.

App2SD - >
This app enables you to move your other apps from phone to SD card or the vice versa. Few other apps like this one in the market but I liked its UI and smooth functionality better than the others.

AutoSMS Smart - >
My personal favourite. Simple, easy to use app that sends out SMS on missed calls. Several similar apps available in the market but the SMART features sets it apart from the rest.

Cricket Pro - >
Easily the best app for cricket updates in the market. Lighter, faster than top players like espn and ndtv has some really excellent additional features. With updates before every major tournament a must have app for all cricket buffs.

Traffic Jam - >
Only game in the entire list. That is because i don't play much. But this one is kind of addictive to me. Kind of solving a puzzle using a car, would say can improve one's problem solving capability

xPiano - >
Am not a Piano player but still loved this app. Have seen people playing actual music using this one(even with a free version). Not a utility app, but definite one to have if you want to show off the android power.

Music Timer Setting - >
Nice idea actually. Lets you set a timer for whenyour music player has to stop. Works perfect. Extremely useful app for music lovers who love to listen to music when they goto bed. It is the only app that worked for me in the market for this purpose.

SMS scheduler - >
Simple app. Schedule your birthday wishes at midnight goto sleep. Works perfect.

Ur top 10 is also most welcome in the comments section.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

After 1 yr!!

Hi everyone. It has been quite a while since I had posted something here. The reason was not because I was busy (People don't buy it even if I have Gtalk busy status!!) but because I didn't have anything much to share. But when I found it is now 1 yr since I joined Aricent I thought its time for a post. I will probably think of some of the highlights of this past one year.

Pointer to a constant, Constant pointer
It all started with the PRISM training in Chennai. I thought I was strong in C. I was just surprised at how much more there is to C !!! The training was seriously good. Sibu Cyriac - The man who organised and executed it has to take a lot of credit for it. It was actually lottt of fun though the only batch outing we successfully managed was HSB ( ஓட்டல் சரவணபவன).

The Enlightenement
Despite interesting sessions there is always bound to be sessions where you just cannot sit through. There was one such session where myself, Brighton, Anirudh Murali and Ajay had a discussion on "life", when the guy was seriously talking to the board. The discussion involved so many hypothetical scenarios that made us explore so many options 'in career and life. It was definitely a discussion to remember and ponder.

Vetty Pasanga XI
That's how we called our team (I will take credit for the same :) ) for the company's cricket tournament.
Be it Chinnathambi's hat-trick (wickets and sixes he gave), nail biting finishes, NRR calculations, losing to a team that we thought we never would it was totally fun experience.

Am Basically a TT player
Seriously, am not sure if have become better in coding or networks but am pretty sure am a good TT player. Have even challenged Ji that I ll beat him 5-0 before either of us leave here :). Starting from carrom switched to TT post training(hell a lot of free time then) and  we used to play at some of the odd hrs(7.30Am, 10.30 PM) I made a point to count the number of games I played on one such days and it mounted to 47!!

Benched / I me and Android
Benching is pretty common in IT industry. But its less in my company. But I was one of those few ones who got benched. You could think its fun but after a week you could get so bored that you ll end up watching Kenya/ Srilanka match all alone!!! But honestly I did learn a lot of android stuffs (courtesy Brighton), made apps published in the market, posted on fb walls, got likes... yeah it kept me going!!

Yeah, the Work
Of course I need to write atleast a couple of lines about my work!! To be honest I got some work only in the last 3 months which I have enjoyed so far.

The people
Be it the PRISM batch or my project team I have had the previlege of meeting a lott of wonderful people ~ Brighton(my android guru), Srihari (my TT partner),  Chinnathambi(always restless guy (Ganguly n Vijay fan)), Arun(the travel palanner), Sumathi(The scientist)  and several others whom I hope ll stay in touch for a long time.

Monday, August 9, 2010


A post after some tym...guess this topic might nt deserve a post (a status msg wud ve done it) but wanna write this one since this is an extremely satisfying moment !!! After an incredibly long wait i ve finally got the DOJ from Aricent. Its quite a  long time that i ve been expecting the call that the number of 'y's in the title is the number of days i ve been waiting(don't even try counting it!!). Just 20 more days to kill :) :). Guess what?  the training is in Chennai. Its just a 10 min drive from my home!! Enna oru chinna feeling na I ve built it up saying I would be going to Gurgaon for training which kind of sounds good("Delhi la training!!!"). Never mind, chennai always rocksss :)

Am just all excited to kick start my professional life @ Aricent!!! Next post ll be from Aricent ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What if????

This post of mine is greatly inspired from the butterfly effect ~ according to which small changes in the initial conditions of a dynamic system can produce great variations in the long term behavior of a dynamic system. It states that small flapping of a butterfly can alter the path of a tornado!!! for more detailed explanation check out wikipedia from where i have quoted the above two lines ;)

Very often we think about "what if this had happened?? Things would have been totally different..."not necessarily for the good though. I thought I shall ask the "what if" question at some important points in my life so far and how it would have affected my life!!! Let me go in the chronological order...

JULY 2010 : The very fact that I am writing this blog and in turn you reading this one is because I had not yet got the call from my company and am totally "vetty". But this delay has certainly helped me find out that I can blog quite decently who never wrote more than "As I am suffering from fever" ;)

Feb 2010 : The day of my accident. IF the security guy had not had not had his extra cup of coffee, he would have locked the door earlier, I would not have got my helmet, I would not have driven faster, the accident might not have taken place ~ sounds a great result BUT I might have taken my bike to college on my project day and accident then could have been disastrous!!! The accident now does not sound that bad after all!!!

SEPT 2009 : The period when I prepared for GRE in a month and scored 1160. An in between score ~ confused whether or not to go ahead with MS. Here comes my company for placement. I remember changing the options for the last 5 qns in the first round. I just manage to sneak through the first round and eventually get placed. That was when I ended my MS dream. What IF I had not changed them, I would have been placed in one of the succeeding companies but I would have certainly gone ahead with my MS plans. Sounds great BUT I don't know whether doing MS for the sake of it would be such a great thing. Only time ll tell!!

DECEMBER 2006 : My first year @ SSN. I had taken bus no: 13, eventually changed to 21 because I got ragged(sounds silly now). IF I had not been ragged I wouldn't have changed to 21. I would have not seen HER and I would not have fallen for her BUT I might have fallen for someone else and I am sure that would have also ended in the same way though. So no regrets on this one for sure!!!

JUNE 2006 : Counselling at anna university... Myself and my dad went there with selecting CSE @ SSN. But we met one of my dad's friend who suggested ECE is a field with greatest scope(I still don't know y he said that ;)) and that resulted in me doing ECE @ SSN. IF we didn't meet him I would ve done CSE...not much of a difference really BUT I certainly feel I would have been with a totally different group of people I too would have been DIFFERENT as I always get influenced more by the people around me and it would have also had effect on most of the above events directly or indirectly!!! No regrets again and infact happy that I selected ECE then as I have enjoyed every moment of my life @ SSN.

APRIL 2006 : My +2 board exams ~ I get the question number wrong in my Maths paper and lose out 10 marks. IF I had got the question number right, I would have done my B.E in Anna University. Again sounds great BUT I might have  never found my individuality and lost in the crowd. No regrets again!!

Most of us do think at times asking the "What if" question. It springs up some really nice imaginations. But we can never alter the things that have already happened. Its probably best to believe in destiny and put our best foot forward (advice ellam illa, epdi conclude panradhunnu therila ;))

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I had mentioned in my earlier post that I had managed to catch up with a lottt of hollywood movies in this extended vacation. Some have been brilliant, some ordinary, some unbearable. So, I thought i shall classify them based on how much i enjoyed them. They have no bearings on the number of oscars it has received or the IMDB ratings bcoz more often than not they are totally misleading. People might say I have not understood the movie or I may not have international taste but I don't care about that anyway as I hope people would with similar tastes as mine would like this post!

This is how my rating goes:

5.0 : Movie worth watching more than once :)

4.0 : Must watch

3.0 : Not bad, won't regret wasting ur time

2.0 : Oooh,some poor, few others difficult to watch at a single stretch, go for it if you don't ve anything else to do!!

1.0 : Avoid this even if you don't ve anything worthy enough to do!!

So, here's my pick!!!!

5.0:(all equally brilliant movies, i type just as I remember them)

12 angry men, Fight club, Shutter island, Beautiful mind, Matrix,Titanic, Shawshank redemption, Die hard, Dark Knight, Minority report, Rain Man, LA confidential, Snatch...


Mission impossible 1, Mission impossible 3, Ocean's11, Ocean's 13, Get smart, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards, Man from the Earth, Hitch, Dial M for murder, kung fu panda, Butterfly effect, Departed, Sherlock Holmes, Casino Royale, The Rock, Speed,Pursuit of happiness, Deja vu, Catch me if you can, Usual suspects, Seven, Forrest Gump, Babe, Avatar, Phonebooth, Spiderman series, Rocky series, Taken, Jurassic park, Lost world, Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, 21, Planes,Trains & Automobiles...


Rear window, Psycho, Hangover, Harold and Kumar, Pulp fiction, Twilight, Silence of the lambs, Paranormal activity, Face off, 300, Girl next door, Negotiator, Troy, Heat, Speed 2, Inside Man, Memento, Angels and Demons, Da Vinci code, The Italian Job, Blood Diamond, American Beauty, Juno, Burn after reading...


Vertigo,Ocean's 12, Mission impossible 2, Wall E, Bourne Identity, Eyes wide shut, Gangs of Newyork, To kill a mocking bird, Taking of Phelam 123, American Psycho....


Taxi driver, Good fellas...