Saturday, September 3, 2011

After 1 yr!!

Hi everyone. It has been quite a while since I had posted something here. The reason was not because I was busy (People don't buy it even if I have Gtalk busy status!!) but because I didn't have anything much to share. But when I found it is now 1 yr since I joined Aricent I thought its time for a post. I will probably think of some of the highlights of this past one year.

Pointer to a constant, Constant pointer
It all started with the PRISM training in Chennai. I thought I was strong in C. I was just surprised at how much more there is to C !!! The training was seriously good. Sibu Cyriac - The man who organised and executed it has to take a lot of credit for it. It was actually lottt of fun though the only batch outing we successfully managed was HSB ( ஓட்டல் சரவணபவன).

The Enlightenement
Despite interesting sessions there is always bound to be sessions where you just cannot sit through. There was one such session where myself, Brighton, Anirudh Murali and Ajay had a discussion on "life", when the guy was seriously talking to the board. The discussion involved so many hypothetical scenarios that made us explore so many options 'in career and life. It was definitely a discussion to remember and ponder.

Vetty Pasanga XI
That's how we called our team (I will take credit for the same :) ) for the company's cricket tournament.
Be it Chinnathambi's hat-trick (wickets and sixes he gave), nail biting finishes, NRR calculations, losing to a team that we thought we never would it was totally fun experience.

Am Basically a TT player
Seriously, am not sure if have become better in coding or networks but am pretty sure am a good TT player. Have even challenged Ji that I ll beat him 5-0 before either of us leave here :). Starting from carrom switched to TT post training(hell a lot of free time then) and  we used to play at some of the odd hrs(7.30Am, 10.30 PM) I made a point to count the number of games I played on one such days and it mounted to 47!!

Benched / I me and Android
Benching is pretty common in IT industry. But its less in my company. But I was one of those few ones who got benched. You could think its fun but after a week you could get so bored that you ll end up watching Kenya/ Srilanka match all alone!!! But honestly I did learn a lot of android stuffs (courtesy Brighton), made apps published in the market, posted on fb walls, got likes... yeah it kept me going!!

Yeah, the Work
Of course I need to write atleast a couple of lines about my work!! To be honest I got some work only in the last 3 months which I have enjoyed so far.

The people
Be it the PRISM batch or my project team I have had the previlege of meeting a lott of wonderful people ~ Brighton(my android guru), Srihari (my TT partner),  Chinnathambi(always restless guy (Ganguly n Vijay fan)), Arun(the travel palanner), Sumathi(The scientist)  and several others whom I hope ll stay in touch for a long time.

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