Monday, August 9, 2010


A post after some tym...guess this topic might nt deserve a post (a status msg wud ve done it) but wanna write this one since this is an extremely satisfying moment !!! After an incredibly long wait i ve finally got the DOJ from Aricent. Its quite a  long time that i ve been expecting the call that the number of 'y's in the title is the number of days i ve been waiting(don't even try counting it!!). Just 20 more days to kill :) :). Guess what?  the training is in Chennai. Its just a 10 min drive from my home!! Enna oru chinna feeling na I ve built it up saying I would be going to Gurgaon for training which kind of sounds good("Delhi la training!!!"). Never mind, chennai always rocksss :)

Am just all excited to kick start my professional life @ Aricent!!! Next post ll be from Aricent ;)

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