Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This post is about some of my close pals in SSN. I feel a necessity for this post as 10 years down the line it is only natural that our memories would fade. So let me record them here right now. There are a lot of people I need to talk about but I limit it to only those who were really close to keep the post short. Let me go in alphabetical order :)

Akshay Rungta : A good friend!!! A great man manager, official and unofficial class representative, an expert at organizing things(from symposium to culturals to movies). Very famous for his tamil speaking style ;) . One of the very few to have successfully found his love. Coach cum manger of Warriors I might add!!! ;)

Anerudhan  : One of the three real techies of our class. A real genius, managed 99 percentile in CAT n GATE but doesnt mind to check them anyway :) MATLAB expert. Of course it is never gonna be complete if I don't mention his passion for cricket here. Biggest fan of the game I ve ever come across. Main man behind the WARRIORS formation.

Balaji : A guy who never stops talking who has great sense of humour. A lottt to talk about him actually. But I ll keep it rather short. My best friend I would say. Strangely many others would say the same about him!!!! Dats Balaji for you!!!

Gopi : Another wonderful friend of mine( I keep starting the same way for each one?? But that's what they are... )
One guy who always acted as if he was a techie (Managed to explain pointers for an me he just asked about it from someone minutes back ;)). In short a "Dubagoor". But always had an amazing sense of command in his speech, a real flirt (I probably wanted to emulate him on those two areas). Promised he would return a "true" techie from Gatech. Lets C :)

Harish Kumar : Fondly called as warrior, propagated the warrior's success. A real athlete. Brilliant cricketer and a footballer. But I always liked him for his amazing sense of timing he showed in catching "adhithya" dialogues. A rare blend of GRE engish and local "kalaai".

Kannan : My batch mate for nearly four years and also my project mate. Never cared about anything or anybody. This attitude could irritate you at times though. Does "sighting" quite professionally. Will always remember the dialogue when he overtook a girl and said to me,"machi,she is following me da"!!! Last year and a half was more of a sister sentiment period where he had a lot of SISTERS in the department. Nevertheless he certainly was a really good friend of mine!!!

Karthikeyaan : 10 years after now if someone in our class sees this guy the first thing he would remind them would be his cricket. No exaggeration here : he bats, bowls, fields and keeps brilliantly. A really nice guy (really...hey, no kalaai here).Definitely one of my closer pals @ SSN.

Kaushik : "He is my best friend ya" ~ Ya really ;) Another true techie, excellend programmer in our class. Software, ask him, he always has a solution for everything. A UBUNTU lover and always propagated the same. But somehow we had an opposite opinion on most of the stuffs. There were always ideological conflicts (haah.. I know this is a big term to be used between us, plz dont mind it though :)) but always had mutual respect. 

Murali : Fondly called as POT(has a reason behind the name but told others he was called that way because he looked like harry potter ;)). Easily the most popular person of the class. Ultimate kalaai guy (at the receiving end most of the time though). Deep inside a real feelings guy though. Unsuccessfully ran "Bombay"  as his rival gopi and his machan kannan always came in his way. Hope its a success in CTS!!!

Murali Rao : A real good friend whom I knew better only in the last year and a half. Had a clear opinion about most of the things and also wanted to know what he wants to be. A budding IAS officer (sounded a bit strange to me the first time but he had his reasons). Hope he realizes his dream! Was always on form when it came to kalaai of POT ;)
Note : A great supporter and critic of my blog posts :)

Prashaanth : The third techie in our class. Brilliant - just as the other two. Easily the most liked guy in the class :)  He was the cashier for the entire class :) :) But always found a reason to be worried about. Hope he enjoys life a lot more in Gatech :) 

There are several others who I may have missed owing to the same reason I had mentioned already. I just hope anytime later I read this it would bring back some really nice memories :) :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This part of my life is called "being vetty!!!"

As I had already mentioned it was boredom that drove me into starting this blog and that continues to drive me post stuffs like this ;)

47 days past my last anna university exam, I still can't exactly say what I ve been doing these days to kill time.
Still waiting for the call letter from my company this period is getting increasingly frustrating. One could argue why not enjoy this extended vacation hanging out with friends. With no touching of the bike for atleast 6 more months I gotta take MTC buses to reach any place which kind of kills the excitement to get out!!!

Well, I generally love watching sports. Its the world cup time and ppl are crazy about it updating their status in FB every 10 mins regarding the same. I too decided why not try a different sport apart from cricket. A couple of hyped up matches that I managed to catch were goalless draw. I just guess I have not yet understood some of the technicalities of the game :(

Y not catch some cricket. Yeah but... BCCI had killed the excitement that a fan gets while watching an India game by a 2 month long IPL. Moreover I do not know y India keep on playing Srilanka every 2 months.Also, when you find Dinesh Karthik topscoring in an international game and Maharoof picking up a hat-trick u can be sure that its not the highest quality of cricket that is being played.

On the brighter side,I am managing to get 12 hrs sleep everyday ;). I ve managed to develop a taste for hollywood movies(almost watching one of them daily), and a passion for programming, solving problems on SPOJ.

I just hope this period ends pretty quickly else I might have to come up with a part 2 of the same post :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review : Raavanan

I thought whether i am good enough to write a review about a movie. But then, i felt I can review a movie better than most guys online who give 3 stars for movies like sura and asal.

To start with I gotta say that I am a great fan of Mr. Mani Ratnam. Thats why I made sure I decided to see it the first day before anyone spoils the suspense. But he has certainly let down his fans. To start with, the plot : its no suspense here as we all know that its a modern take on Ramayana with vikram playing raavanan, prithiviraj playing ram and aishwarya playing sita. Same Mani Ratnam had brilliantly handled karna-dhuriyodhana friendship brilliantly but this is a let down.

Before I get into its weak points let me write on its stronger points. The cinematography is just brilliant,world class I might add. The music is another huge plus for the movie. The background score is excellent and the songs are already chartbusters. More importantly the songs are not out of place. They blend with the story well and they have been shot brilliantly.

But there are a lot of things that the movie leaves you disappointed. The story is weak, the screenplay is very much predictable. But more important thing was audience fail to connect with the 3 central characters. For instance we feel for surya and jyothika in 'kaakha kaakha' after the kidnap. But that kind of a feel is missing in this movie. This is also certainly not a movie where you are looking for logical flaws as they are plenty.

Dialogues : Suhasini should stop writing dialogues for Mani Ratnam movies with this one!!!Its really poor.

As for performance, Vikram is at ease as raavanan, Aishwarya Rai tries hard but her character is poorly developed but Prithiviraj is a huge let down. Among the other roles Prabhu shines in a few scenes, Karthik irritates you for the most part in his attempt to be comical, Priyamani has nothing much to do in a predictable flash back.

Raavanan is certainly not a bad movie. You can certainly watch it for some mindblowing cinematography, brilliant music and for Vikram. But if you are expecting another Mani Ratnam classic you are gonna come out of the cinema halls disappointed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The day i got screwed up...literally!!!

Its exactly 3 months from the incident actually happened. Its God's grace,luck or watever i might call...there has to be something that allows me to write this post. U might feel am building it up too much,but such was the danger i actually managed to escape.

It started off as just another thursday. With no one at home, i got up late and missed the bus. I could ve stayed back at home or taken an AC bus to my college. But i decided to take my 2 month old pulsar to my college. Sick of the crowded roads it was a real pleasure driving in the OMR @ 100kph without changing the gear for the most part. Having reached the college, worked on the project for an hour, then wasted the time as usual in the class,ground,etc. Finally it was time to go home. I had forgotten my helmet in my class. So I had to rush back before the class could be locked. I started my ride back home.

It was all fine for the first 15 km of my ride after which things went haywire. I was riding @ 100kph and a I was trying to overtake a school van from the left. The van made a sharp turn towards the left without the indicator on. CRASH!!! I used the brake, it broke at that speed, and the bike skid along the ground and  i went under the van b/w the front and back wheels leaving mu bike out!!! I had the helmet but had not strapped it. So i had no protection when i found myself under the van.  It was some dreadful 3-4 secs. I could literally fell the thud from the base of the van. I thought I was gone for all money. The van had not stopped immediately either. It stopped a few meters past me.

It was shock, pain,people around  me splashing water. I could not get up.Unbearable pain in my back. I knew something was wrong. I tried to lift my leg and i was able to. I kind of tried to console myself though its the spine it would not be too serious. I was lifted by two students from another bus and I was taken to the nearby hospital. My parents were not home, I asked them to call my friends who were also on bike behind me. In all these I had not lost my consciousness. That was both the best and the worst part of it. I knew what was going around me but I was also able to feel every bit of the pain.

It certainly had to be one of the worst hospitals in the town. The doctor for no reason asked the nurse to put me on IV fluids, and the nurse put some plasters after several failed attempts at finding ma vein. God, I was going through hell. Then came my friends, Gopi n Balaji. Took me to the best hospital in the neighbourhood. They had the x-rays and scans taken and I soon inside the ICU. By this time all my friends had assembled at the hospital. Amidst all the pain and trauma i had a reason to be happy that I had spent my last 4 years with such wonderful people.

Soon my mom,dad, aunt n uncle had arrived. My brother called over phone They were all crying but did not show it to me. I realized how much of stress I had put them under. I was assured nothing was wrong. There were a couple of dislocated bones and minor fractures in 4 or 5 other bones in the back. The dislocated ones had to be brought back to position. THERE WERE 6 SCREWS USED to achieve that. The operation had gone successfully. And I was standing on my feet in 2 days after the operation!!! Something no one who was around me at the time of the accident would have given a chance. Credit to the spine specialist who operated me.

Yes, it was unfortunate incident. But I could not have timed it better. It was the closing stages of my project. With me in the bed, I didnt ve to do any  documentaion of it -the most irritating part of any project - Thanks to my project mates :). I was pretty much fine by the time of project review and exams and eventually managed to pas them all!!!

Moral of the story : No one realizes the need to drive within speed limits unless they go through something of this magnitude. But not all of them could be lucky as I was. To end the post just a small piece of advice, irrespective of how rash driver you are do wear helmet while driving. More importantly remember to strap it up :) :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life @ SSN!!!

To describe one's college life in a single post is quite a challenging task but i will try to look back at some of the memorable experiences @ SSN. having spent almost all the tym with my books in the higher secondary, getting into SSN should make most ppl happy and i was pretty much satisfied with that.I studied electronics n communication and am sure most of us did not know why we took ECE at that time and do not know about ECE even after 4 yrs!!!

SSN is certainly not a place where you should get into if u aspire to get into 90% in ur college days, there are other colleges in chennai which help you do the same. But I certainly believe the marks @ college level are mere numbers. Then wat makes SSN special? Its the kind of freedom one gets. It allows students to express themselves.(The sad part though is SSN is starting to follow some of the stupid rules that other colleges follow)

Frenzzz,well i never had many friends in my school days.But SSn was totally different.One thing i certainly gained in the last 4 yrs are some wonderful friends.To be honest it took some tym to get along with one another.But after that it was just non stop fun.These r not ppl who r around only during fun times but even during times of extreme emotional stress. Maybe i am just struggling here for words to convey how important these ppl are to me in my life. I just hope our friendship continues as long as we live :)

My college life's highlight was the cricket that we played.We were not university players, it was just the fun part of it am talking about really. We could certainly count the number of thursdays we did not hit the ground.
I could proudly say that no one in SSN could never ever equal the record for the number of hours we played cricket :) :) We also managed to create the brand "Warriors" that won the inaugral EDC cup. Though losing the finals the next yr will be one of the disappointments :(

But the final yr really has to be easily the best!!! Our department symposiyum' phenomenal success that saw an astounding 400% increase in attendance. That was a testimony to the togetherness of ECE. Almost all 132 ppl contributed and not to forget the wonderful juniors we had.They were brilliant. Am confident these guys can only make Orbitce bigger this year. The farewell they gave us was just a sample of that. Unbelievably well organised!!! Again, the culturals and the E-week are kind of stuffs which makes the college life @ SSN quite special. I think these are the kind of things that help people discover hidden talents among themselves,provide them the exposure to various stuffs which i guess is more important than the academics part we learn in college!!!

SSN is certainly the place where i evolved as a much better person.It has given me a lot of moments which i would cherish for the rest of my life.
Miss you SSN!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

almost forced into blogging!!!

i never thought i would be blogging as i always hated doing stuffs like these.
But i ve been almost forced to try my hand at blogging due to severe boredom just after a couple of weeks of my last days of my wonderful college life!!!
I hope to share some of my interesting personal life experience and some useful stuffs here in my future posts.If u ve somehow managed to reach this page,plz be kind enough to stay for a while and look into stuffs i post over here!!!