Thursday, June 10, 2010

The day i got screwed up...literally!!!

Its exactly 3 months from the incident actually happened. Its God's grace,luck or watever i might call...there has to be something that allows me to write this post. U might feel am building it up too much,but such was the danger i actually managed to escape.

It started off as just another thursday. With no one at home, i got up late and missed the bus. I could ve stayed back at home or taken an AC bus to my college. But i decided to take my 2 month old pulsar to my college. Sick of the crowded roads it was a real pleasure driving in the OMR @ 100kph without changing the gear for the most part. Having reached the college, worked on the project for an hour, then wasted the time as usual in the class,ground,etc. Finally it was time to go home. I had forgotten my helmet in my class. So I had to rush back before the class could be locked. I started my ride back home.

It was all fine for the first 15 km of my ride after which things went haywire. I was riding @ 100kph and a I was trying to overtake a school van from the left. The van made a sharp turn towards the left without the indicator on. CRASH!!! I used the brake, it broke at that speed, and the bike skid along the ground and  i went under the van b/w the front and back wheels leaving mu bike out!!! I had the helmet but had not strapped it. So i had no protection when i found myself under the van.  It was some dreadful 3-4 secs. I could literally fell the thud from the base of the van. I thought I was gone for all money. The van had not stopped immediately either. It stopped a few meters past me.

It was shock, pain,people around  me splashing water. I could not get up.Unbearable pain in my back. I knew something was wrong. I tried to lift my leg and i was able to. I kind of tried to console myself though its the spine it would not be too serious. I was lifted by two students from another bus and I was taken to the nearby hospital. My parents were not home, I asked them to call my friends who were also on bike behind me. In all these I had not lost my consciousness. That was both the best and the worst part of it. I knew what was going around me but I was also able to feel every bit of the pain.

It certainly had to be one of the worst hospitals in the town. The doctor for no reason asked the nurse to put me on IV fluids, and the nurse put some plasters after several failed attempts at finding ma vein. God, I was going through hell. Then came my friends, Gopi n Balaji. Took me to the best hospital in the neighbourhood. They had the x-rays and scans taken and I soon inside the ICU. By this time all my friends had assembled at the hospital. Amidst all the pain and trauma i had a reason to be happy that I had spent my last 4 years with such wonderful people.

Soon my mom,dad, aunt n uncle had arrived. My brother called over phone They were all crying but did not show it to me. I realized how much of stress I had put them under. I was assured nothing was wrong. There were a couple of dislocated bones and minor fractures in 4 or 5 other bones in the back. The dislocated ones had to be brought back to position. THERE WERE 6 SCREWS USED to achieve that. The operation had gone successfully. And I was standing on my feet in 2 days after the operation!!! Something no one who was around me at the time of the accident would have given a chance. Credit to the spine specialist who operated me.

Yes, it was unfortunate incident. But I could not have timed it better. It was the closing stages of my project. With me in the bed, I didnt ve to do any  documentaion of it -the most irritating part of any project - Thanks to my project mates :). I was pretty much fine by the time of project review and exams and eventually managed to pas them all!!!

Moral of the story : No one realizes the need to drive within speed limits unless they go through something of this magnitude. But not all of them could be lucky as I was. To end the post just a small piece of advice, irrespective of how rash driver you are do wear helmet while driving. More importantly remember to strap it up :) :)

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