Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review : Raavanan

I thought whether i am good enough to write a review about a movie. But then, i felt I can review a movie better than most guys online who give 3 stars for movies like sura and asal.

To start with I gotta say that I am a great fan of Mr. Mani Ratnam. Thats why I made sure I decided to see it the first day before anyone spoils the suspense. But he has certainly let down his fans. To start with, the plot : its no suspense here as we all know that its a modern take on Ramayana with vikram playing raavanan, prithiviraj playing ram and aishwarya playing sita. Same Mani Ratnam had brilliantly handled karna-dhuriyodhana friendship brilliantly but this is a let down.

Before I get into its weak points let me write on its stronger points. The cinematography is just brilliant,world class I might add. The music is another huge plus for the movie. The background score is excellent and the songs are already chartbusters. More importantly the songs are not out of place. They blend with the story well and they have been shot brilliantly.

But there are a lot of things that the movie leaves you disappointed. The story is weak, the screenplay is very much predictable. But more important thing was audience fail to connect with the 3 central characters. For instance we feel for surya and jyothika in 'kaakha kaakha' after the kidnap. But that kind of a feel is missing in this movie. This is also certainly not a movie where you are looking for logical flaws as they are plenty.

Dialogues : Suhasini should stop writing dialogues for Mani Ratnam movies with this one!!!Its really poor.

As for performance, Vikram is at ease as raavanan, Aishwarya Rai tries hard but her character is poorly developed but Prithiviraj is a huge let down. Among the other roles Prabhu shines in a few scenes, Karthik irritates you for the most part in his attempt to be comical, Priyamani has nothing much to do in a predictable flash back.

Raavanan is certainly not a bad movie. You can certainly watch it for some mindblowing cinematography, brilliant music and for Vikram. But if you are expecting another Mani Ratnam classic you are gonna come out of the cinema halls disappointed.


  1. Exactly da! Suhasini's dialogs were ultimately poor. U cud n even remember a single dialog after the movie. No feel or punch or anything in it. But everybody s hardwork is seen on the screen. And never a movie has been made this beautifully in India before. Hats of to the cinematographer and A R R

  2. Agree dialogues were the weakest point..