Monday, June 7, 2010

Life @ SSN!!!

To describe one's college life in a single post is quite a challenging task but i will try to look back at some of the memorable experiences @ SSN. having spent almost all the tym with my books in the higher secondary, getting into SSN should make most ppl happy and i was pretty much satisfied with that.I studied electronics n communication and am sure most of us did not know why we took ECE at that time and do not know about ECE even after 4 yrs!!!

SSN is certainly not a place where you should get into if u aspire to get into 90% in ur college days, there are other colleges in chennai which help you do the same. But I certainly believe the marks @ college level are mere numbers. Then wat makes SSN special? Its the kind of freedom one gets. It allows students to express themselves.(The sad part though is SSN is starting to follow some of the stupid rules that other colleges follow)

Frenzzz,well i never had many friends in my school days.But SSn was totally different.One thing i certainly gained in the last 4 yrs are some wonderful friends.To be honest it took some tym to get along with one another.But after that it was just non stop fun.These r not ppl who r around only during fun times but even during times of extreme emotional stress. Maybe i am just struggling here for words to convey how important these ppl are to me in my life. I just hope our friendship continues as long as we live :)

My college life's highlight was the cricket that we played.We were not university players, it was just the fun part of it am talking about really. We could certainly count the number of thursdays we did not hit the ground.
I could proudly say that no one in SSN could never ever equal the record for the number of hours we played cricket :) :) We also managed to create the brand "Warriors" that won the inaugral EDC cup. Though losing the finals the next yr will be one of the disappointments :(

But the final yr really has to be easily the best!!! Our department symposiyum' phenomenal success that saw an astounding 400% increase in attendance. That was a testimony to the togetherness of ECE. Almost all 132 ppl contributed and not to forget the wonderful juniors we had.They were brilliant. Am confident these guys can only make Orbitce bigger this year. The farewell they gave us was just a sample of that. Unbelievably well organised!!! Again, the culturals and the E-week are kind of stuffs which makes the college life @ SSN quite special. I think these are the kind of things that help people discover hidden talents among themselves,provide them the exposure to various stuffs which i guess is more important than the academics part we learn in college!!!

SSN is certainly the place where i evolved as a much better person.It has given me a lot of moments which i would cherish for the rest of my life.
Miss you SSN!!

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