Sunday, June 27, 2010

This part of my life is called "being vetty!!!"

As I had already mentioned it was boredom that drove me into starting this blog and that continues to drive me post stuffs like this ;)

47 days past my last anna university exam, I still can't exactly say what I ve been doing these days to kill time.
Still waiting for the call letter from my company this period is getting increasingly frustrating. One could argue why not enjoy this extended vacation hanging out with friends. With no touching of the bike for atleast 6 more months I gotta take MTC buses to reach any place which kind of kills the excitement to get out!!!

Well, I generally love watching sports. Its the world cup time and ppl are crazy about it updating their status in FB every 10 mins regarding the same. I too decided why not try a different sport apart from cricket. A couple of hyped up matches that I managed to catch were goalless draw. I just guess I have not yet understood some of the technicalities of the game :(

Y not catch some cricket. Yeah but... BCCI had killed the excitement that a fan gets while watching an India game by a 2 month long IPL. Moreover I do not know y India keep on playing Srilanka every 2 months.Also, when you find Dinesh Karthik topscoring in an international game and Maharoof picking up a hat-trick u can be sure that its not the highest quality of cricket that is being played.

On the brighter side,I am managing to get 12 hrs sleep everyday ;). I ve managed to develop a taste for hollywood movies(almost watching one of them daily), and a passion for programming, solving problems on SPOJ.

I just hope this period ends pretty quickly else I might have to come up with a part 2 of the same post :)


  1. Dai but Dinesh Karthik paavam da !!!!

  2. Except for tat dinesh karthik thing, i liked it!! Ur honesty in acceptin tat u cant understand futbal is appreciable! ( unlike pot who talks abt futbal only coz he plays FIFA :-) :-) ) machi.. expectin more frm u!! increase the freq of postin da...

  3. ulti comment about pot da!! and one small advice for u da kam.. if u need to increase the traffic of ur blog, u need to use keywords that are related to pot

  4. @ji n rao : pottt aanaalum romba paavam da :)

  5. Super icon..programming lan holidays liya???ramaaaaaaa...ana maharoof reference super machi...

  6. dei..rao badu..i neva said i knw football nu..yea i do play FIFA but...die hard :)
    @ji..dei eccha...nee ena rao ku jaalra ah..
    @ikon..machi mass da..dei karthik paavum da.he s k as a bencher in squad..not disappointin as d regulars like jadeja and all...