Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What if????

This post of mine is greatly inspired from the butterfly effect ~ according to which small changes in the initial conditions of a dynamic system can produce great variations in the long term behavior of a dynamic system. It states that small flapping of a butterfly can alter the path of a tornado!!! for more detailed explanation check out wikipedia from where i have quoted the above two lines ;)

Very often we think about "what if this had happened?? Things would have been totally different..."not necessarily for the good though. I thought I shall ask the "what if" question at some important points in my life so far and how it would have affected my life!!! Let me go in the chronological order...

JULY 2010 : The very fact that I am writing this blog and in turn you reading this one is because I had not yet got the call from my company and am totally "vetty". But this delay has certainly helped me find out that I can blog quite decently who never wrote more than "As I am suffering from fever" ;)

Feb 2010 : The day of my accident. IF the security guy had not had not had his extra cup of coffee, he would have locked the door earlier, I would not have got my helmet, I would not have driven faster, the accident might not have taken place ~ sounds a great result BUT I might have taken my bike to college on my project day and accident then could have been disastrous!!! The accident now does not sound that bad after all!!!

SEPT 2009 : The period when I prepared for GRE in a month and scored 1160. An in between score ~ confused whether or not to go ahead with MS. Here comes my company for placement. I remember changing the options for the last 5 qns in the first round. I just manage to sneak through the first round and eventually get placed. That was when I ended my MS dream. What IF I had not changed them, I would have been placed in one of the succeeding companies but I would have certainly gone ahead with my MS plans. Sounds great BUT I don't know whether doing MS for the sake of it would be such a great thing. Only time ll tell!!

DECEMBER 2006 : My first year @ SSN. I had taken bus no: 13, eventually changed to 21 because I got ragged(sounds silly now). IF I had not been ragged I wouldn't have changed to 21. I would have not seen HER and I would not have fallen for her BUT I might have fallen for someone else and I am sure that would have also ended in the same way though. So no regrets on this one for sure!!!

JUNE 2006 : Counselling at anna university... Myself and my dad went there with selecting CSE @ SSN. But we met one of my dad's friend who suggested ECE is a field with greatest scope(I still don't know y he said that ;)) and that resulted in me doing ECE @ SSN. IF we didn't meet him I would ve done CSE...not much of a difference really BUT I certainly feel I would have been with a totally different group of people I too would have been DIFFERENT as I always get influenced more by the people around me and it would have also had effect on most of the above events directly or indirectly!!! No regrets again and infact happy that I selected ECE then as I have enjoyed every moment of my life @ SSN.

APRIL 2006 : My +2 board exams ~ I get the question number wrong in my Maths paper and lose out 10 marks. IF I had got the question number right, I would have done my B.E in Anna University. Again sounds great BUT I might have  never found my individuality and lost in the crowd. No regrets again!!

Most of us do think at times asking the "What if" question. It springs up some really nice imaginations. But we can never alter the things that have already happened. Its probably best to believe in destiny and put our best foot forward (advice ellam illa, epdi conclude panradhunnu therila ;))


  1. nice post da...especially i like ur so called conclusion ;)

  2. @Kam: "Its probably best to believe *that everything happens for one's own good* and put our best foot forward" sounds a better conclusion to this post! ;)
    good one, i esp. liked your frankness in "BUT I might have fallen for someone else and I am sure that would have also ended in the same way though." :D

  3. Dai ultimate da.. semaya iruku !! good presentation da.. think i ll become a fan of urs... eagerly waiting for ur next post da !!!

  4. The best so far..very creative and intricate!!!!!