Sunday, July 4, 2010


I had mentioned in my earlier post that I had managed to catch up with a lottt of hollywood movies in this extended vacation. Some have been brilliant, some ordinary, some unbearable. So, I thought i shall classify them based on how much i enjoyed them. They have no bearings on the number of oscars it has received or the IMDB ratings bcoz more often than not they are totally misleading. People might say I have not understood the movie or I may not have international taste but I don't care about that anyway as I hope people would with similar tastes as mine would like this post!

This is how my rating goes:

5.0 : Movie worth watching more than once :)

4.0 : Must watch

3.0 : Not bad, won't regret wasting ur time

2.0 : Oooh,some poor, few others difficult to watch at a single stretch, go for it if you don't ve anything else to do!!

1.0 : Avoid this even if you don't ve anything worthy enough to do!!

So, here's my pick!!!!

5.0:(all equally brilliant movies, i type just as I remember them)

12 angry men, Fight club, Shutter island, Beautiful mind, Matrix,Titanic, Shawshank redemption, Die hard, Dark Knight, Minority report, Rain Man, LA confidential, Snatch...


Mission impossible 1, Mission impossible 3, Ocean's11, Ocean's 13, Get smart, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards, Man from the Earth, Hitch, Dial M for murder, kung fu panda, Butterfly effect, Departed, Sherlock Holmes, Casino Royale, The Rock, Speed,Pursuit of happiness, Deja vu, Catch me if you can, Usual suspects, Seven, Forrest Gump, Babe, Avatar, Phonebooth, Spiderman series, Rocky series, Taken, Jurassic park, Lost world, Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, 21, Planes,Trains & Automobiles...


Rear window, Psycho, Hangover, Harold and Kumar, Pulp fiction, Twilight, Silence of the lambs, Paranormal activity, Face off, 300, Girl next door, Negotiator, Troy, Heat, Speed 2, Inside Man, Memento, Angels and Demons, Da Vinci code, The Italian Job, Blood Diamond, American Beauty, Juno, Burn after reading...


Vertigo,Ocean's 12, Mission impossible 2, Wall E, Bourne Identity, Eyes wide shut, Gangs of Newyork, To kill a mocking bird, Taking of Phelam 123, American Psycho....


Taxi driver, Good fellas...


  1. i wont accept wit vertigo's classification.. it was a pretty gud movie...

  2. bcoz u know its a hitchcock movie dats y !!! had to c it with three breaks!! very very difficult watch

  3. nice post da...we have a similar taste for all but few movies like...
    5.0 - usual suspects, phonebooth, psycho
    4.0 - bourne identity, 300
    3.0 - spiderman 3, mission impossible 2, butterfly effect
    2.0 - forrest gump, pulp fiction, twilight