Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Must have android apps


With Android market picking up big time in the Indian market and apps flooding the android market I felt it won't be a bad idea if I share the apps that I have enjoyed and those that made life a lott easier. I might be missing some really popular apps but this is just my list. All the below recommended apps run great on HTC wildfire (That is probably the reason some of the other apps might be missed here)

Talking Tom - >
Definitely hard to find an android phone that runs without this app. An app that repeats whatever you say in a cat's tone. Simple idea that works brilliantly with superb graphics. Definitely my top app for sure.

Note: Other versions like talking santa or robot fails to match with this one

Whatsapp - >
Excellent app. Allows you to chat, send audio, image files through internet. Activate your GPRS / Wifi this one is one of the most widely used app.

Another App that almost all android phones run. Simple task manager implemented brilliantly.
The best part is the one touch app killing using the widget.

App2SD - >
This app enables you to move your other apps from phone to SD card or the vice versa. Few other apps like this one in the market but I liked its UI and smooth functionality better than the others.

AutoSMS Smart - >
My personal favourite. Simple, easy to use app that sends out SMS on missed calls. Several similar apps available in the market but the SMART features sets it apart from the rest.

Cricket Pro - >
Easily the best app for cricket updates in the market. Lighter, faster than top players like espn and ndtv has some really excellent additional features. With updates before every major tournament a must have app for all cricket buffs.

Traffic Jam - >
Only game in the entire list. That is because i don't play much. But this one is kind of addictive to me. Kind of solving a puzzle using a car, would say can improve one's problem solving capability

xPiano - >
Am not a Piano player but still loved this app. Have seen people playing actual music using this one(even with a free version). Not a utility app, but definite one to have if you want to show off the android power.

Music Timer Setting - >
Nice idea actually. Lets you set a timer for whenyour music player has to stop. Works perfect. Extremely useful app for music lovers who love to listen to music when they goto bed. It is the only app that worked for me in the market for this purpose.

SMS scheduler - >
Simple app. Schedule your birthday wishes at midnight goto sleep. Works perfect.

Ur top 10 is also most welcome in the comments section.


  1. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

  2. I learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!