Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This post is about some of my close pals in SSN. I feel a necessity for this post as 10 years down the line it is only natural that our memories would fade. So let me record them here right now. There are a lot of people I need to talk about but I limit it to only those who were really close to keep the post short. Let me go in alphabetical order :)

Akshay Rungta : A good friend!!! A great man manager, official and unofficial class representative, an expert at organizing things(from symposium to culturals to movies). Very famous for his tamil speaking style ;) . One of the very few to have successfully found his love. Coach cum manger of Warriors I might add!!! ;)

Anerudhan  : One of the three real techies of our class. A real genius, managed 99 percentile in CAT n GATE but doesnt mind to check them anyway :) MATLAB expert. Of course it is never gonna be complete if I don't mention his passion for cricket here. Biggest fan of the game I ve ever come across. Main man behind the WARRIORS formation.

Balaji : A guy who never stops talking who has great sense of humour. A lottt to talk about him actually. But I ll keep it rather short. My best friend I would say. Strangely many others would say the same about him!!!! Dats Balaji for you!!!

Gopi : Another wonderful friend of mine( I keep starting the same way for each one?? But that's what they are... )
One guy who always acted as if he was a techie (Managed to explain pointers for an me he just asked about it from someone minutes back ;)). In short a "Dubagoor". But always had an amazing sense of command in his speech, a real flirt (I probably wanted to emulate him on those two areas). Promised he would return a "true" techie from Gatech. Lets C :)

Harish Kumar : Fondly called as warrior, propagated the warrior's success. A real athlete. Brilliant cricketer and a footballer. But I always liked him for his amazing sense of timing he showed in catching "adhithya" dialogues. A rare blend of GRE engish and local "kalaai".

Kannan : My batch mate for nearly four years and also my project mate. Never cared about anything or anybody. This attitude could irritate you at times though. Does "sighting" quite professionally. Will always remember the dialogue when he overtook a girl and said to me,"machi,she is following me da"!!! Last year and a half was more of a sister sentiment period where he had a lot of SISTERS in the department. Nevertheless he certainly was a really good friend of mine!!!

Karthikeyaan : 10 years after now if someone in our class sees this guy the first thing he would remind them would be his cricket. No exaggeration here : he bats, bowls, fields and keeps brilliantly. A really nice guy (really...hey, no kalaai here).Definitely one of my closer pals @ SSN.

Kaushik : "He is my best friend ya" ~ Ya really ;) Another true techie, excellend programmer in our class. Software, ask him, he always has a solution for everything. A UBUNTU lover and always propagated the same. But somehow we had an opposite opinion on most of the stuffs. There were always ideological conflicts (haah.. I know this is a big term to be used between us, plz dont mind it though :)) but always had mutual respect. 

Murali : Fondly called as POT(has a reason behind the name but told others he was called that way because he looked like harry potter ;)). Easily the most popular person of the class. Ultimate kalaai guy (at the receiving end most of the time though). Deep inside a real feelings guy though. Unsuccessfully ran "Bombay"  as his rival gopi and his machan kannan always came in his way. Hope its a success in CTS!!!

Murali Rao : A real good friend whom I knew better only in the last year and a half. Had a clear opinion about most of the things and also wanted to know what he wants to be. A budding IAS officer (sounded a bit strange to me the first time but he had his reasons). Hope he realizes his dream! Was always on form when it came to kalaai of POT ;)
Note : A great supporter and critic of my blog posts :)

Prashaanth : The third techie in our class. Brilliant - just as the other two. Easily the most liked guy in the class :)  He was the cashier for the entire class :) :) But always found a reason to be worried about. Hope he enjoys life a lot more in Gatech :) 

There are several others who I may have missed owing to the same reason I had mentioned already. I just hope anytime later I read this it would bring back some really nice memories :) :)


  1. Some great lines from the post:
    Gopi: Dubaagoor and real flirt
    Harish Kumar: Catching Adithya dialogues
    Kannan: Attitude that irritates u, professional sighting and lots of sisters in dept.
    Kaushik: Idealogical conflicts (sema comedy da!!)
    Pot: Real feelings, rival and machaan
    Prando: Always found a reason to be worried about

  2. You've profiled us all pretty accurately da! Nice work, I'm sure this will bring back fond memories when we read it a few years down the line! Let's stay in touch. :)

  3. the diplomatic approach of nt giving precedence to any single person is commendable ..i mean the alphabetical order approach..A gr8 compilation which accurately depicts each character of our class!!! SSN-ECE A ROCKSSSSS!!!

  4. enna kaariyam seidhu potae ... nalla iru da.. unna ellam onnum pannamudiyadhu

    P.S : i am starting a KAMAL BLOG LOVERS fan club in all social networking sites :D

    Prando :D

  5. Great da :) I ll try to write on maself.. Gr8 !dea though :) Try adding Pics na :P

  6. mass ikon..observed everyone closely and done da..becomin a good blogger nw da gr8 work ..carry on... :)

  7. mass post fav lines (apart from those pointed out by ji)
    Akshay: One of the very few to have successfully found his love
    Warrior: A rare blend of GRE engish and local "kalaai"
    Kannan: "machi,she is following me da"!!!
    Pot: Ultimate kalaai guy (at the receiving end most of the time though) - i wud rate it the best in this post da.. :D
    Prando: He was the cashier for the entire class :) :)

  8. hahaa...yes man.. sighting is our birth right...yu say "Never cared about anything or anybody"...its gettin to different meaning.. c'mon,i never said lik tat.. i meant live ur life watever way yu like.. and don care abt wat others think of yu.. its ur life and yu play the game..not to worry of others.... and lastly i hav onli one sister..not many....

  9. @ all : thanks!!
    @kannan : free!!!